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How Important are Christian Children’s Books and Christian Children’s Music to Your Child’s Future Faith?

Parents and religious leaders want to know if spiritual investment in young children has a connection with their adult faith. A recent Barna Group study asked adults to describe their childhood involvement in Christian programs. Barna researchers then correlated these responses with adult levels of faith activity:


Testimonies about Mark Arens speaking to your group:

“I really appreciate and love Mark Arens and his message. The message is inspiring and full of God and I encourage anyone to listen to what Mark Arens has to say for positive encouragement.”

-Pastor Rich Wyatt

Your speech about raising Christian children was informative and insightful! You made this topic come alive with concerns and ideas that are very real in today’s world. I was delighted by the stories that made such a memorable impact in your presentation. I felt the scriptures come alive, and you delivered with both seriousness and humor.

-Ann – Minneapolis – mother of two and business owner

“Thumbuddy proclaims the Godly message that every single one of us is precious. You are literally a child after God’s own heart. The truth about who you are is that you are Thumbuddy in God’s sight.”

-Doctor of Psychology, Glenn Pickering

“Your message was a heaven sent recipe for raising happy and faith-filled children who have God as their center and core of their lives. Thank you for the wisdom, humor and wonderful insights to being the best parents we can be for our children.”

-Caroline – Burnsville, Mother of Three

“Mark Arens spoke at our church and he did an awesome job… His message was genuine, real, and exciting. I could go on and on about this message that spoke to me. It was an excellent speech and I highly recommend Mark.

-John Wimbley – Father of three

“People applauded Mark with his touching and uplifting message. You blessed me and we are excited to have you come back.”

-Pastor Richard Rickie

“Mark Arens is a thoughtful and brilliant man. He is an incredibly gifted public speaker who motivates and inspires people. I highly, highly recommend him.”

-Paul Pithey, 20 Year Business Owner

“We were really touched by Mark’s message of love and encouragement. One of our members was so excited that she called and told me her family made a weekend of fun that revolved around your speech. Your message of hope was delivered right-on!”

-Rhonda Kalal,
State Director of the Minnesota Christian Chamber of Commerce

“Mark’s inspiration and conscientiousness have helped me greatly with my business endeavors over the years. Relationships are the key to life, and Mark is the perfect person to speak to your team on that topic.”

-Bob Kelly, Business Owner