In an age of IPods, video games and faster downloads, it seems both parents and children can be overwhelmed these days – lost in a virtual world of the electronic age. Sometimes it seems that the face-to-face devotion a father or mother can even take a backseat to the latest gizmo, gadget or TV show.

We monitor what our children see and who they interact with, but we also try to instill a sense of character in our children. That’s why Christian children’s books are such an important part of kid’s bedtime stories.

Every child needs and wants to feel loved. Every child wants to be held and cared for, and most importantly, they want to hear those strengthening words coming from their parent. But when you add these into a bedtime story for kids – where the child is the center of the story, then you have something truly magical that will stay with that child for years to come.

We think the very best kid’s bedtime stories are ones where the child is actually part of the story being told to them. This type of book makes the parent and child’s bonding time even more special. Thumbuddy books are simply a tool for empowering the emotional bond that children need, so they feel wanted, precious and most of all, loved.