Mark Twain once said, “Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.” That quote captures the essence of Mark Arens.

markarensspeakingaOver the years Mark Arens has become known as an “empowerment speaker” because his passion is to bring forth genuine change and offer practical and thoughtful challenges that uplift, inspire and truly empower people to be their very best.

Speak to Your Church Group

Weaving scripture with thought-provoking stories, Mark inspires and teaches people how to live the abundant life Jesus came to give. Mark delivers powerful and pragmatic messages while giving practical tools to change lives for the better.

Mark spent 2½ years in seminary and has a theology degree. He is the author of 9 books and has produced 5 music CD’s (mostly for children) designed to help people find their true identities as loved children of God.

Mark has spoken nationally on diverse topics such as building relationships, personal integrity, being your best, and building a strong self-identity in faith.

His own personal story shows that Mark is a man of faith. He has helped thousands of people live a more abundant life that God has in store for them, and would love to bless your business, church or organization with his message.


Speak to Your Business

Mark is an adventurer and a highly successful business owner. His companies have generated over $125,000,000 in sales over the last 20 years. He has a vision for improving lives by introducing ideas and methods to help people want to be their very best self – whether at home, work or play.

markarensspeakingcFresh ideas, thought-provoking stories, and pragmatic messaging – these are the core traits of Mark Arens as a business speaker. Mark inspires and gives practical tools to change lives for the better. He says, “Inspiration and ‘go-team-go’ can only go so far. After that, we need perspiration and the right skills to make our ideas come to life.”

Repeatedly honored as an owner of one of the top insurance agencies in the country, he has spoken nationally on relationship selling, business competition, personal integrity, self identity and effective networking.

As an avid rock-climber, instrument rated pilot and outdoorsman, Mark has lived on the edge past physical and mental boundaries. Mark refers to his wife, Julie, as his best friend. Becoming a first time dad at age 47, he is now the father of two children who are his inspiration for life.

Mark says, “My biggest thrill comes when I’m told how I have positively influenced someone’s life. When people need guidance, I’m happy to give back from the abundant blessings I’ve had in my life.” When you have true abundant thinking as the cornerstone of your life, everyone around you will know it – and everyone you touch will want it.


Speaking Fees:

For churches and charitable organizations, Mark generally speaks for free and offers his books and music for sale at the event. For business presentations Mark charges $500 for speaking in the Twin Cities area. For speaking outside the Twin Cities, Mark requires two direct flight round trip coach fare tickets, plus accommodations.

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What People Say About Mark’s Speaking

markarensspeakingf“Mark Arens spoke at our church and he did an awesome job… His message was genuine, real, and exciting. I could go on and on about this message that spoke to me. It was an excellent speech and I highly recommend Mark.

– John Wimbley – Father of three

“People applauded Mark with his touching and uplifting message. You blessed all of us and we are excited to have you come back.”

-Pastor Richard Rickie

markarensspeakinge“We were really touched by Mark’s message of love and encouragement. One of our members was so excited that she called and told me her family made a weekend of fun that revolved around your speech. Your message of hope was delivered right-on!”

-Rhonda Kalal, State Director of the Minnesota Christian Chamber of Commerce

“Thumbuddy proclaims the Godly message that every single one of us is precious. You are literally a child after God’s own heart. The truth about who you are is that you are Thumbuddy in God’s sight.”

-Doctor of Psychology, Glenn Pickering

“I really appreciate and love Mark Arens and his message. The message is inspiring and full of God and I encourage anyone to listen to what Mark Arens has to say for positive encouragement.”

-Pastor Rich Wyatt