whythumbuddyheadeThe Bible says you are set apart, made in God’s image and a masterpiece. When a child looks at their thumb, they see it is “set apart” from their fingers. Their thumb “stands out” just as God made them to be “outstanding.” Likewise, when a child folds their hands to pray, they can see how their thumbs point up to heaven! And as children get older, they learn that their thumbprint is one-of-a-kind.


When your child knows they are Thumbuddy, they’ll know that it means they are set apart, precious, a miracle, made in God’s image and a masterpiece who is always loved by God. What could be more important?

Having Fun With Bedtime Stories For Little Kids:

Reading kids bedtime stories can be one of the happiest times for parents and kids alike! The secret to lots of fun is for everyone to get involved. whythumbuddycalloHere is a quick checklist:

  1. Help your children pick out books that both of you like.
  2. These children’s books should not only be entertaining, but should help your child learn.
  3. Build anticipation by looking closely at the cover.
    1. Spell out the words on the cover and read the title together.
    2. Before reading any pages, ask them what they think the book will be about.
  4. Stop frequently as you read to ask your child what they think will happen next.
  5. Ask them what they would do, if they were in the story, and be sure to ask them why.
  6. When the book is over, ask them about their favorite part of the story.

Reading kids bedtime stories offers an incredible time to bond. You get an opportunity to be with your child in a fictional world, where you can dream, imagine and laugh together.

Reading stories for little kids can be a highlight of life – one that has the potential to build bonds that can last forever. When you read Thumbuddy books – your child is the main character in the book – so the book is all about them.

Is there any character who you would rather read about?