Position Your Child for Success With Christian Children Songs and Books

The first step toward success for any child is to be surrounded with positive words. Children can experience encouraging words and foundational values with the help of Christian children songs and books. At the same time, your child will have the opportunity to experience God’s love for them in fun and positive ways.

Powerful Benefits of Christian Children’s Songs:

  1. You choose the music to carry’s value messages
  2. This music can engage your child’s imagination
  3. This music can teach rhythm
  4. This music should appeal to your child so it encourages conversation
  5. This music should provide opportunities for you to sing along

Christian music for children can be fun, provide a lot of laughs and offer opportunities for bonding together with each other and God at the same time.


Powerful benefits of reading Christian children’s books:

  1. You get to spend quality time together with your child
  2. Your children become better readers every time you read to them
  3. Your children learn a deeper and richer vocabulary as you read out loud
  4. Children’s imaginations can flourish as you involve them in the story
  5. Parents and children can work as a team and enjoy these adventures of learning
  6. Reading together gives parents some ideas of their child’s interests, strengths and weaknesses
  7. Reading children’s books helps your child get a better understanding of the world as they encounter different parts of God’s beautiful and varied creation!

It is a proven fact that children growing up with regular exposure to children’s music and children’s books show a higher level of intellectual development than children who have had little or no exposure.


What makes a children’s book great? In a nutshell, a kid’s book is great when it encourages your child to be great. Thumbuddy books accomplish this by helping your child see themselves as unconditionally loved and accepted by God. From there, a foundation of self worth is established as children recognize the worth and value of others. Thumbuddy books and music are models for making positive life choices, while helping kids live the great big life that God has intended for them.

All of this happens within the comfort of kids bedtime stories while parents read a Thumbuddy book. As children are positioned to step into their great futures, treasured memories are made and the parent child bond is strengthened.