Christian Children’s Songs And Books Can Help Build A Strong Faith Foundation

strongfaithphotoMore important than anything, I want my children to grow up knowing God’s love in a personal relationship with Him. I also want them to be great readers and have a love for Christian children’s music.

Being a strong reader is one of the secrets to success in life, and it can also open the Bible and deepen their world of faith. At the same time, “music moves the world” and “touches the soul” in a whole different way than books and text.

The challenge is how to accomplish these goals! 

A key to making children love to read is to find good kids books. You know the kind… colorful pictures, engaging story lines, interesting characters. At the same time, I wanted to make sure we were reading faith building, Christian children’s books.

strongfaithcallouWe created Thumbuddy books and music with these goals in mind. We wanted children’s books that would keep kids engaged, and what better way to do it than with stories about them! In particular, children’s stories about how God sees and loves your child as precious, special and one-of-a-kind. When children experience God’s love for them, it is the first step to a life-time relationship with God.

We also wanted to create Christian songs for children that would engage their minds as they sang along and realized that God has big plans for them and sees them as special! What better way to touch their hearts with God’s love!

We think that books and music are especially important because at early ages because children really want to learn. They are inquisitive, testing boundaries and want to know more about God. They are at an age where they are on the cusp of being able to logically understand relationships, so putting Christian messages into the form of entertaining music can be very effective. At the same time, the Thumbuddy books can become great bedtime stories for little kids when parents interact with the pages.

strongfaithphoto2Another reason that preschool books and toddler books are so important is because at the preschool age, children start to act as individuals with their own talents and abilities. Christian children’s books can be effective tools in teaching them that everyone is unique in their own, special way and that uniqueness is good. This is a major part of theme inside Thumbuddy’s message. Preschool books are a great way to help mold values within them, in an entertaining way.

It is the job of a parent to guide a child into realizing that being different from everyone else is a good thing… It is embracing the plan that God has for each of us. Good Christian children’s books and music can help parents effectively teach these things to children.