Mark Arens became a first-time dad at age 47, and what a change being Daddy made! From a rock-climbing, workaholic businessman who never cried, Mark was transformed into a man who loves others with a fatherly love of joy, tears and wanting the very best for all people.

Mark’s burning desire is to help others to discover the abundant life that Jesus came to give. This is the essence of his life as a husband, father of two, author, speaker and child of God. Mark believes that to live a truly abundant life, we must first understand – to the core of our being – that we are God’s children whom he loves with a deep incredible love.

As a highly successful businessman, Mark has helped thousands of people achieve higher levels of abundance. He says, “When you are looking at the most beautiful sunset in the world, there is only one thing that can possibly make it better, and that is sharing it with someone else.” It is through the eyes of abundance, that Mark helps people to see higher potential in their relationships, their work and everyday lives.