Whether your child is listening to Christian children’s music or just watching children’s sing-along shows, your child is being taught concentration, coordination, logical progressions of sound, creativity and patience.

Obviously, some music is better for our hearts than others, and I believe that the power of praise and worship music is very real. In particular, Christian children’s music has the power to introduce us to the love of God. These songs also with wholesome, uplifting words that encourage and support us.

Children’s Christian songs are fun, upbeat and fulfilling. They introduce kids to a love and a life that has hope and promise. I sure would rather have my kids learning that they are special gifts from God than that their heart will be broken and life is going to be hard. Actually, even if they do have to learn those lessons in life, they will need to know that God loves them and will help them through those tough situations.

Music is important; no one is going to argue that concept with you. But don’t play just any old music. I encourage you to listen to Christian children’s music with your kids. They will have a great time listening and learning about the amazing God who created them unique and special, and you can feel great knowing you are stimulating your child’s brain as well as their soul!

Thumbuddy’s Christian children’s music helps kids (and adults!) recognize themselves as the marvelously, handcrafted miracles that God intentionally made them to be.