How to Choose Good Children's BooksThere are literally millions of children’s books and even more people who say, “I’d love to write a children’s book!” Some are good, but many are not. So how do you choose good children’s books?”

How to Choose Good Children's BooksA good book is one that captures a child’s imagination and encourages them to read more. It is one that holds their interest and makes them want to learn or to “read it again.” Some people say the true definition of a “good book” is how a child reacts to it

When picking out books, it’s important to see what the book represents, and to consider the potential “talking points” for conversation after the book has been put away. The Thumbuddy books are unique because they are stories where your child becomes the main character. These stories are about your child – so your child literally becomes Thumbuddy.

Choosing the best children’s book doesn’t always mean choosing the one that you liked as a child or the one that is a best seller. You need to consider the things that your children like and dislike, as well as the values you are hoping to give your children.

It helps to preview many books and involve your children in the final buying decisions to see what type of book they might want. By involving them, you build an anticipation of your precious time when reading together!

Reading together (and especially reading kids bedtime stories) goes beyond learning to read or passing on the appreciation of a good story. Shared reading provides shared experiences and language that can strengthen family relationships.

Take the time to read to your children. It is a nice teaching opportunity and a wonderful bonding experience that you and your children will enjoy.