Fun With Christian Children's BooksReading Christian children’s stories can be fun! It can even be fantastic!!

The key is to involve your child so they become an integral part of the story. As you’re reading Thumbuddy books, you’ll discover opportunities to laugh and talk with your child about all the ways they are special, unique and lovable. This will make the Thumbuddy books come alive for them, and help you bond with your child at the same time!

As you are reading Thumbuddy books to your child, you will notice a host of opportunities to involve your child in the story including:

Opportunities to tell your child all the reasons they are precious to you!

  • How they make you smile or laugh
  • Funny things they say or do
  • How smart or creative or thoughtful they are

Fun With Christian Children's BooksOpportunities to talk about other people who also think that they are precious

  • This helps your child to think of others
  • This leads to an opportunity to pray for those people
  • This builds relationships with others

Opportunities to talk with your child about all the ways that they are special:

  • Such as their thumbprint, hair color, eyes, height – physical characteristics
  • Talk about how they got their name and meaning of their name
  • Share stories about your child’s first words, first steps, favorite foods etc
  • Praise them for their winsome personality traits and things they are good at

Opportunities to tell your child stories about their birth to make them feel special:

  • How you anticipated them, how you prayed for them before they were born
  • How you decorated their room and got ready for them
  • Look at your favorite baby pictures and talk about where and when the pictures were taken, and how/why each picture makes you smile

Opportunities for you to hug your child and tell them how you love them

  • Explain how love is so real even though you cannot see or touch it
  • Now explain how God is real – just like love is real
  • Another idea is to explain how electricity works – even though you cannot see it

Thumbuddy books are unique because you are not reading a kids bedtime story about a fictional character such as a bird or a mouse. Instead, you are reading about the most important character of all – your child. In other words, your child is Thumbuddy – so these books are all about them!