Thumbuddy’s Goal

To help parents and young children experience God’s amazing love for them. Children who discover God’s great plans for them can develop a true confidence that is empowered by a personal relationship with God.

What’s Is At Stake?

Many children never experience a personal relationship with God. They often grow up without a moral compass, or they simply follow the crowd into a path of destruction. The end result is either a lack of confidence, or a false self-centered confidence – both lead to less than the abundant life that God has intended for them.


Why Thumbuddy and not Billy, Betty, Bobby, or Sue?


Children may enjoy books about Billy, Betty, Bobby or Sue – but for most children, their favorite book will be one where they are the main character so they book is about them! Thumbuddy books and music simply tell children in a fun and memorable way, what the Bible already says about them: That they set apart, made in God’s image, precious in God’s sight, wonderfully made and a masterpiece.

We use the many thumb analogies because the thumb is right in front of a child and so easy to see! When a child looks at their thumb, they can see it is “set apart” from their fingers, just as in Jeremiah 1:5 we are told that we are set apart. When kids fold their hands and learn to pray, it is fun for them to see how their thumbs point up to heaven.

Of course it is always fascinating when children discover that their thumbprint is one-of-a-kind. (Even if they were identical twins with the same DNA, their thumbprints would be different!)

When your child knows they are Thumbuddy, they’ll know that it means they are set apart, precious, a miracle, made in God’s image and a masterpiece who is always loved by God.

What could be more important?

Do you want your child to be Anybody, Nobody, Everybody, Somebody or Thumbuddy?


Once there were 5 children named Everybody, Anybody, Somebody, Nobody and Thumbuddy… These 5 children all grew up on the same hand and ate the same food. You might assume they were just alike but then you would notice some major differences:

  • Peer pressure pushed the child named Everybody to fit in the crowd. He grew up without a moral compass under today’s mantras of “tolerance and free choice” so his most important thing was liked by everybody no matter what the cost.
  • The child named Anybody had insecurities and took a job where the boss said, “Anybody will do, we just need a warm body.” The boss told him never to take risks and above all “never offend anybody.”
  • Poor Nobody was the kind of person who went to a party but nobody noticed he was even there. Once someone asked, “Who’s that over there?” The response: “Don’t worry about him… He’s nobody.”
  • Industrious Somebody grew up working all the time just so he could be somebody and make a name for himself. He wanted people to notice him and say, “There goes somebody!”
  • Thumbuddy knew he was loved and blessed by God, one of a kind, precious and unique – just as his thumbprint was totally unique. He also knew that he was called to be set apart and to be outstanding – just as his thumb was set apart and stood out from his fingers.

Who do you want your child to be?

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