Every person has within them a unique set of talents and gifts to share with the world. Some people call this their song.

Your unique song is what sets you apart from all other people.

Unfortunately, many people go through life and never learn their song. Sometimes in our quest to fit in with the people around us, our unique gifts and talents get squashed and thrown aside. Likewise, some parents look at their children through the lens of their own life, so they start correcting the way their children talk or act because it doesn’t conform to the way the parent would do or say things.

Sadly, when our talents and uniqueness get buried as children, the dust and debris of life will often pile up and keep them hidden – potentially for life.

As parents, we get the special privilege to help our children discover the special skills, talents and gifts within them. Then we get to help them grow inside these so they can become the very best they can be. And finally, as we grow with our children and watch these talents blossom, we can learn together how to channel these talents to help others around them.

Here are 3 practical tips to help you discover your children’s unique song:

  1.  Start by writing down different characteristics, things they enjoy doing, things they do very easily and naturally.
    • Then point these things out to them.
    • Keep a list going and revisit it often
  2.  Always ask your children questions about the things they enjoy doing and help them to be inquisitive about their own set apart characteristics.
    • When we involve them in this “song building activity” they will take a keen interest in participating
  3. Speak into their lives with positive, encouraging words that help them be who they were created to be.
    • Words have the power of life or death inside them
    • Words of encouragement from a parent are priceless

Children who are comfortable with themselves live life with an ease about them. They know the song within them and are very comfortable expressing it as they were meant to.

Teach your children that they were created special and unique and were meant to be set apart – remind them that no one else can bring to this world what they’ve been given to share!